Section A. Production Machinery      p8 1

PAES 147:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Field Cultivator-Specifications (Download)

PAES 148:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Field Cultivator-Methods of Test (Download)
PAES 149:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Subsoiler-Specifications (Download)

PAES 150:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Subsoiler-Methods of Test (Download)
PAES 151:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Mechanical Rice Transplanter-Specifications (Download)

PAES 152:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Mechanical Rice Transplanter-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 153:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Hand Pump-Specifications (Download)

PAES 154:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Hand Pump-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 155:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Mist Blower-Specifications (Download)

PAES 156:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Mist Blower-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 157:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Power Sprayer for Mango-Specifications (Download)

PAES 158:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Power Sprayer for Mango-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 159:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Sugarcane Planter-Specifications (Download)

PAES 160:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Sugarcane Planter-Methods of Test (Download) p8 2

PAES 161:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Soil Auger-Specifications (Download)

PAES 162:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Soil Auger-Methods of Test (Download)
PAES 163:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Spring -tooth Harrow-Specifications (Download)

PAES 164:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Spring -tooth Harrow-Methods of Test (Download)
PAES 165:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Granule Applicator-Specifications (Download)

PAES 166:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Granule Applicator-Methods of Test (Download)

Section B. Postharvest Machinery

PAES 240:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Fans and Blowers-Specifications (Download)

PAES 241:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Fans and Blowers-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 242:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Biomass furnace-Specifications (Download)

PAES 243:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Biomass Furnace-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 244:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Biomass Shredder-Specifications (Download)

PAES 245:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Biomass Shredder-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 246:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Dehusked Corn Dryer-Specifications (Download)

PAES 247:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Dehusked Corn Dryer-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 248:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Fruit Dryer-Specifications (Download)

PAES 249:2010 Agricultural Machinery-Fruit Dryer-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 250:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Coconut Coir Decorticator-Specifications (Download)

PAES 251:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Coconut Coir Decorticator-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 252:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Coffee Pulper-Specifications (Download)

PAES 253:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Coffee Pulper-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 254:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Abaca Stripper-Specifications (Download)

PAES 255:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Abaca Stripper-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 256:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Corn Picker-Specifications (Download)

PAES 257:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Corn Picker-Methods of Test (Download)

PAES 258:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Feed Mixer-Specifications (Download)

PAES 259:2011 Agricultural Machinery-Feed Mixer-Methods of Test (Download)