In accordance to the Republic Act 10601 of 2013, otherwise known as the Agricultural and Fishery Mechanization Law, Article VI Section 27 Rule 27.1.1.c, “The UPLB-AMTEC as the premier testing center of the country shall publish and disseminate test standards and test results”.

To ensure that the test results of the machines tested by AMTEC are open and available to the public for reference, we have uploaded the summary of test reports for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. However, the full content of the test report will not be published and is available only upon the consent of the requesting party indicated in the list.

For any inquiry regarding the test report or test application procedure please visit us at our office at Pili Drive, College, Los Baños Laguna or contact us at Tel/Fax (049) 536-2792. You can download these by clicking the downloadable links below.

Summary of Test Reports for the Year 2015

Summary of Test Reports for the Year 2016

             Summary of Test Reports for the Year 2017

             Summary of Test Reports for the Year 2018


  1. These valid test reports do not guarantee the quality of the machine under evaluation;
  2. These valid test reports determine the specification and performance of the machine based on the recommended procedure of the Philippine Agricultural Engineering Standards (PAES) or, if not available, on AMTEC Standard Procedures of Test and Inspection;
  3. The test report is not intended to promote or recommend any machine or company; and
  4. It is up to the purchasing agency or individual to evaluate the quality of the machine based on the valid test report produced by AMTEC.