AMTEC‘s facilities include the following:

  •   Precision instruments and equipment for machinery testing such as tachometers, load cells, amplifiers, pressure gauge testers, torque transducers, sound level meters, air velocity meters, moisture meters, surface hardness testers and others;
  •   Mechanical testing facilities which include prony brake dynamometers, generator-type engine dynamometers, blower test rigs, fuel consumption gauge, waterproof test rig for power tillers, sprayer test rigs such as continuous running, patternator, cut-off valve durability, pressure chamber fatigue, drop/strap test rigs and water pump test rigs;
  •   Calibration facilities such as pressure gauge tester and standard weights;
  •   Grain laboratory equipment such as abrasive and friction whiteners, rubber roll hullers, aspirator, and other grain analysis equipment;
  •   Fabrication facilities for test rigs such as lathe, drill press, hydraulic press, welding machines, power hacksaw, and other machine shop tools and equipment.
  •  Two-hectare test field; and
  •  Two-storey building housing the library, conference room, training room, staff offices, testing laboratory and machine shop.